Speaking Dates and Places

September 20-Mellinger's Mennonite church-seven verses that will change your life

October 6-Manor Church-to be announced

October 7-to be announced-Time Management

October 18-Weaverland Mennonite Church-the joy of being a servant

October 19-Conestoga Church of the Brethren woman's retreat-out of the comfort zone and walking by faith

October 22-woman's retreat-gentle and quiet spirit and woman of prayer

November 2-Ridgeview Mennonite Church-to be announced

November 15-Chiques Church of the Brethren-to be announced

December 3-Woman's Tea\Shady Maple-to be announced

January 4-to be announced

January 24-Forest Hills Mennonite church-organize, de-clutter and be happy

February 3-to be announced-housewife faith

March 3-Act's Covenant Fellowship-to be announced

March 9/10-woman's retreat-to be announced

March 28-Landisville Mennonite Church-to be announced

April 3-Lancaster Alliance Church-being a woman of prayer

April-to be announced-Willow Street Mennonite church